I know, right?

I’m in a dubious process of adjustment. I’ll get there, then I’ll get here.

I miss you all, I do. I will be back soon, as long as you’ll have me.



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7 responses to “flux

  1. I’m not very patient.


  2. Lara

    Take as long as you need to take, the most important thing is that you get into a rhythm there, to feel (normal) is a hard thing. Remember, you ARE amazing, undeniable, and perfect. The change of atmosphere says nothing of your character, except to denote how committed and dedicated you are to those you love. Normal isn’t always normal, but love is always love. ❤

  3. p.

    Holy Shit.
    That woman wraps up my entire collaboration of feelings lately.
    I’m hating school.
    Your hating… er… adjusting.
    And that lady? She seems to be apathetic to it all.
    (Maybe thats not entirely a bad thing some days.)

    Miss you too.

    GerBear says hi!


  4. oof. you’ll make it…

  5. Come back when you get a chance! We all miss you!

  6. Carlynn

    This Lara character is brilliant so I’ll just ‘ditto’ what she said.


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