Monday Must Have

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{Henrik Vibskov via Creatures of Comfort}

Hello and Happy Monday lovelies! Let us all wink and nod and pretend that while I was away I was doing far more productive things than kegstands, gorging on chinese food and reading trashy magazines. Which, while not all I did, was fairly close.

However, I did manage to get the job I really truly wanted that will make us financially stable enough to stop our nightly ritual (opening our online banking, ringing our hands and snifffling), I’m into the swing of things at the paper, and I’ve even managed to make a few friends here and there. The adoreable quaintness of this town is wearing a bit thin – it’s still a 45 minute walk to the grocery store and we don’t have snow yet, our neighbours still (for lack of more grown up words) suck horribly, and sometimes we play a game with the cooking smells in the hallway called “Dead Person or Cheap Fish?” where to be honest, sometimes we hope for the former.

But yesterday was officially my last day of wallowing in self pity (which surprisingly doesn’t make one lose a lot of weight – wallowing apparently not being hard work) and today I brush myself off, put my big girl pants back on, and get back to work at being something more than a gal who is caught up on all seasons of Weeds, True Blood, Californication, Fringe, CSI and the Office.

I am just hoping that when I get those first pair of tights in the mail that they are flattering enough to hide the wallowing thats attached itself to my knees. xo



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12 responses to “Monday Must Have

  1. I need to see a picture of you in these tights. 🙂

  2. sabby

    Congrats on the new job!

  3. Carlynn

    Wait, there’s another job? Besides the features editor one? Busy bee, what’s this one? And why didn’t you mention it yesterday? Tell me all about it!!! Now!
    :o) x

  4. Carlynn

    Also, YAY! Congrats!

  5. progress feels gooooood.

  6. Congrats on the job! I be jealous.

  7. those tights are amazing (as is Weeds)! hope everything gets better..

  8. Joel

    I wore white sweatsocks with black dress shoes and black trousers to work tonight. But I tucked in my shirt, and that makes up for it. I only do one fashion faux paus at a time.

    Horizontal stripes? You get away with it, and you have fabuloussss legs, sweetie.

    xo, JL

  9. ooo these looks so cozy!! yay fall!

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