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Happy Monday cupcakes. We have a long weekend here due to Thanksgiving, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few photos from our weekend. The colors around here are just so incredible here right now that I feel like I’m living in lush kodachrome pack of film. Everywhere you turn the trees are just shockingly bright. The weather is so nice however, that fall roses are still blooming, there are wild violets everywhere and the apple trees smell so rich and beautiful. I hate to brag.. but it recently snowed where we came from… *ahem*. Yeah.

We spent the weekend working, wandering about town taking photos, and eating, oh the eating! We had our own quiet Thanksgiving this Saturday night, which left Sunday morning to make chicken soup with leftovers, and Sunday afternoon to make piles of pies. Sunday evening we headed to friends house for a huge and incredible Thanksgiving potluck with much laughter, much food and that feeling of happiness that comes from being surrounded by warm bodies, plates of food and the reaching out of one to another. It made me happy. Happy, and in a turkey coma.

Hope you’ve all had a beautiful fall weekend – xo.



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11 responses to “a slice

  1. I’ve been waiting for a photo of your pink hair!

  2. Oh I just discovered your blog, so cute !

  3. First of all, those boots are adorable! Second, those little pies look delicious. It sounds like you had a great weekend…

  4. i love your boots – the color is rad!

  5. Carlynn

    Sure, I could comment on the amazingly rich Fall colours, your little pies (amazing, by the way), or that delicious-looking poppy seed goat cheese spread, but what really struck me most about this ‘slice’ was how you managed to capture (possibly for the first time?) a very natural smile and his gentle, easy way out of J in a photo. Way to go. You’re incredibly talented all-around, my dear.

  6. Oh my goodness! It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL where you are! I hope it was an amazing weekend and that you’re enjoying the autumn.

  7. oh how wonderful! I went apple picking this weekend, and the fall colors were simply gorgeous…although I didn’t have the matching boots, which is really too bad. Glad to see you had such a lovely few days.

  8. It continues to snow actually. I’ve been pouty. I miss a real, legitimate autumn.

  9. These photos are stunning and give me a warm fall feeling. I happen to be listening to the song Fall on my Knees by Sam Amidon, which is making the whole thing feel even more cinematically fall. Perhaps you would enjoy…..

  10. Everything is so beautiful! I am envious of your autumns–we have summer, then a mild winter, so the trees here seldom change color.

  11. sabby

    Couldn’t help but notice that, in the picture of you on the bench, there appears to be a bandage of sorts on your wrist… I remember at one point you wanted to get some ink done. Is there a new something under there, or am I just imagining things?

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