the slice


That’s all she wrote folks. Honestly, there were little to no photos taken this weekend, save a few of the second great hair dying fiasco, which will be posted about later, I assure you.

Jared and I both took the weekend off of .. well, everything. We run on fairly opposite schedules, and rarely get a lot of time to spend together. Saturday morning Jared informed me he’d taken the whole day off to spend with me and I just about collapsed in paroxysms of shock and awesomeness. We went to the farmers market, meandered to the grocery store, we ate olive and feta croissants. We went to a party and left early, giggling, like responsible teenagers, huddled in the pizza parlour at midnight eating bad pizza and watching wrestling. I made apple/pear/vanilla/cardamom pies, knit and laughed more than I have in a long time. I went to yoga and we took naps, and though frankly unremarkable in the picture taking department, was exactly what I needed.

How did you spend your weekends? What lovely things did you do?




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7 responses to “the slice

  1. my weekend was all H1N1, all the time. i’m really excited for that kind of weekend to never. happen. again.

    buuuuut…it sounds like you had an absolutely lovely weekend!

  2. I talked to a lovely pink-haired girl and it kind of made my weekend! xo

    I’m glad you and J got to spend some time together, you guys are so cute I can barely stand it.

  3. p.

    I’m confused.
    What’s with the tutu??
    I mean – your weekend was filled with all sorts of things, none of which mentioned ballet. Hmmm…


    My weekend was filled with regret.
    So… you win.


  4. Carlynn

    Well, given that I had an extended weekend with the newly-minted Fall Reading Week (read it and weep, suckers), I caught up on some much-needed reading, started watching In Treatment (meh…) and Damages (holy crap!) whilst perfecting the banana split. For the record, this is not a euphemism or some new sexual position. Had a craving for weeks. Satisfied.

  5. my weekend was filled with tequila

    it was a bad plan

  6. It finally got cold down here in the south so I decided it would be a good time to see if our fireplace worked… which it doesn’t… to bad I didn’t find that one out till to late. I mean, the acorns fall down the damn thing all the time, so it’s got to be working right? Wrong.

  7. Apples. Millions and millions of apples. Tis the season.

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