Ladies? Anyone?


eep! I need to have a little virtual blog party. I am in need of a laughing, screaming, dancing evening where we squeeze each others shoulders and step on each others toes in  blatant and ecstatic acts of spontaneous electric slide.

will you come?

what will you bring?




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12 responses to “Ladies? Anyone?

  1. Joel

    I will bring what I always bring: stories and beer. Good beer. And happy, amusing stories.

  2. I’ll bring the champagne if you provide the music!! Time to get your dancing shoes on 🙂

  3. ill be there!
    ill bring wine and a fall themed baked item. mmm.

  4. I will bring gin and spicy corn cakes for sustenance and the game Things for when we’re electric-slided out and just want to sit around laughing hysterically.

  5. homemade carrot cake. definitely.

  6. Pumpkin ale and gluten-free pumpkin muffins…maybe with chocolate chips. 😀

  7. Sangria! Sparklers! Party hat and dancing shoes.

  8. Carlynn

    Virtual party? Like..
    You can find me at the blog, bottle full of bud, mama…?
    Love you, darling. I’ll be there with bells on… which no one will be able to hear obviously. The dynamics of this party are seriously complex.

  9. i will bring the capirinhas, brigadeiros, and some loud booty shaking samba beats! i can also contact madonna’s friend jesus and see if he has any other eye candy for the single ladies. can i come then?

  10. Hmm…wine, love and yes, I’ll be there.

  11. p.

    I’ll bring something to inhale.

    Helium balloons are a riot.


    I’ll also bring the token chubby girl. No party is complete without one.


  12. really really funny jokes and CHAMPAGNE. LOTS of champagne!

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