for being there.


sometimes there is not much more to say than thank you. And most of the time, thank you doesn’t quite cut the mustard. to each of you, for your phone calls, your emails, your comments and above all your words.. thank you. for reminding me that i am stronger than that, tougher than that, for telling me that yes, it sucks and you are there too, for kicking me in the ass – thank you. in less elegant words, would that i could kiss you each on the side of the mouth,  whoop in your ear and break into the electric slide. y’all fuckin’ rock my world.



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3 responses to “for being there.

  1. p.

    If I can do something – just ask

  2. Nic

    Miss you terribly, if you need ANYthing at all, just ask. I love you, stay strong

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