a little slice





It was a pretty quiet weekend lovelies! I worked Saturday and then had a few drinks with J. at the pub, Sunday we walked into town in the spectacular 16 degree weather we had, and then had a lovely dinner with friends. The night was lovely, there is something about sitting around a table of homemade food with good, smart, funny people that makes me truly believe that that is where wealth lay. Though having good vanilla ice cream never hurts either. How was your weekend dumplings?



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6 responses to “a little slice

  1. Tim

    great – now I want pie….and we’re all out of pie!
    my weekend was pretty good…I helped entertain some friends 😀 no nice pictures though

  2. pretty good! pumpkin carving with a drill makes everything better 🙂

  3. mmmm. Your pie looks divine.

  4. Friday was boozey boardgaming and Saturday was sushi and Shakespeare. Hard to beat really. Although I probably would have traded it for your pie (and company).

  5. Ah, that pie looks amazing! … What kind is it?

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