Monday Must Have

Picture 2 {via All Modern}

When I miss home, it is more the feelings that I miss than the places exactly. The coffee shop that J. and I would bike to in little Italy had these beautiful Miller/Eames chairs, the smoothest little pieces of architecture you’d ever slide into. It was a Sunday ritual that we’d bike there, early, slowly and laughingly, meandering and quiet. It is not the coffee shop that I miss, not the amazing espresso or the cannoli, but that feeling when you slipped backwards into this chair. It was the feeling of Sundays, of hand holding and love and warmth. I miss those chairs and the spell they cast over your heart.

I came across them while browsing All Modern; the lovely and most talented Anabela over at Fieldguided is having a phenomenal giveaway. Make sure that you check it out and put your name in, everyone needs a little more beautiful in their life. xo



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4 responses to “Monday Must Have

  1. Wow, what a beautiful post! So glad the giveaway inspired it! You get 5 chances to win xo

  2. p.

    I tend to stay away from furniture that can leave large splinters… but this cafe sounds quaint. Where it at yo?

  3. Spinelli’s! Down in little Italy. They re-did the Italian Centre, and they put in a beautiful, light filled cafe full of old italian men and stunning women. The girls who work there are wretched and never smile, but it’s worth the ham and edam croissants and espresso.

  4. j

    hey! my roommate has that chair. it’s in my living room! yea, sliding effect. nice.

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