campus colors






I still can’t get over the colors of fall on campus… It makes me think of leather boots, blazers and riding crops. Beautiful.


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11 responses to “campus colors

  1. Beautiful! Those bright red leaves are SOOOO gorgeous!

  2. Ahh! I NEED to move to the northeast to even get close to any colors like this. Texas is still green, green, green.

  3. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I wish the leaves were changing colors like that here!

  4. So pretty. I wish we had those colours here.

  5. okay, now can i live in YOUR shed….just until the temperature dips more than my wool socks can handle? gorgeous photos!

  6. gorgeous! I love all of these rich, fall colors. I did a post about the fall this week too. you can’t help but feel inspired by it.

  7. Carlynn

    Love the second one! Amazing perspective. And the fourth one could be of a building at Glendon. O, let us revel in our newfound Eastern seasons (yes, there are in fact FOUR of them, not just Winter and Construction)!

  8. Wow – your leaves reminded me of this photo over at dooce:

    I am missing fall colors this year, as all I’ve seen is brown.

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