Wanted Wednesday – Give it to me straight

Picture 4

{Tiny Toadstool}

Alright my lovely keg standers – give it to me. Is this adorable and slightly funky (think oversized black cardigan, pointy black flats) or so Oktoberfest that you can’t help but think of lederhosen and two different kinds of jugs? I love it so, but I’ll take your advice, I swear.



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12 responses to “Wanted Wednesday – Give it to me straight

  1. i think you could work with it.. removing that crinoline will help quite a bit!

  2. I think it’s adorable, but I do get the Oktoberfest vibe from it. If you didn’t wear the white pinafore underneath, I think you’d be ok.

  3. Oh, so pretty. I think it’s adorable, with just the right amount of kitsch. It actually looks pretty Ukrainian to me, but maybe that’s just because there were Ukrainian dancers in Metro today….

  4. It’s so sweet! Could you wear it the other way around? I think without the crinolines underneath it would be far less Octoberfesty (although, I do love the crinolines). Either way, I love it.

  5. I say go for it, it’s adorable! I can just imagine it with the comfy huge sweater like you said 🙂

  6. I adore it! I especially love how the gal in the photo is rockin it with the black. No thoughts of Lederhosen here 🙂

  7. Oh my I have wanted a dirndl for YEARS. I don’t really have the rack to justify it, but they are just amazing. One day I’ll find the perfect one. 🙂

  8. It’s certainly unique! I’d go without the crinolines, like everyone else seems to say. Red is my favorite, so it has that going for it.

  9. i really like it, just sans the poof.
    and id probably pair it with a white long sleeve snug tee shirt to tame it down a spec, but that’s just me.

  10. I WHAT THAT.
    yes, big oversized black sweater. black tights. simple black flats.

  11. Carlynn

    Agreed. Agreed. Lose the white frilly frills, black it up, and I’ll add the following: to stray from the Bavarian bier tent girl image, keep the sexy factor subtle with a flattering but neither marmy nor uber-revealing shirt underneath. Does that make sense? You can pull anything off, darling. And T is going to love this when I show it to him hahaha.

  12. oktoberfest!!
    althought without the socks and crinolines maybe you could get away with it 🙂

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