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Hello boys and ghouls! Hope your Halloween was a howling success! We had a fantastic time, thouroughly enjoying the first time in at least 5 years that there hasn’t been snow on Halloween. Not only was there no snow, but it was 15 degrees! I have a feeling that that weather may be what is keeping this super-sized spider outside our living room window in flies. He’s so enormous, to scale that photo for you his body is about the size of a quarter. We have named him Peter, and Jared greets him every day by remarking on the size of the “junk in his trunk”.

J and I dressed up as a slightly funereal Don and Betty Draper, though by the end of the night we were copping to sexy undertakers. *chuckle* We went to an enormous houseparty (100 people at the height of the night!), drank good beer and I managed to complete one of my life goals – getting up on stage and acting like a bad ass. If there is a video dear bloggers, rest assured you will see me rapping Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got” with a 7 piece funk band post haste. After all, if on Halloween Betty Draper can’t drop it like it’s hot, what’s the holiday for? *

*aware it is not a holiday. Yet.


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8 responses to “a slice

  1. Ooh hooray. Finally a good pink hair photo!

  2. sister

    what a wonderful summation of what i’m sure was a fantastic night!

    missing you and wishing i could have been there to break it down with you.

    love you

  3. Drop it like it’s hot! And brrr

  4. Betty can definitely drop it like it’s hot. She knows how to work it…

  5. Please, please let there be footage!

  6. p.

    Well? Embarking on a rap career? 😉 How’d it go?

  7. i pretty much lost my mind today when we found a spider living near our back door that would basically eat this spider you’ve got here. i had no idea a creature that huge would set up shop so closer to my house…being terrified of spiders i nearly shat myself. so elegant.

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