Monday Monday…


Hello strumpets! Many decisions made this weekend – one in fact to replace Monday Must Have with a Music Monday. Due to the cash flow slowing to a torturous drip, we’re looking for more economical ways to be happy, be fun and enjoy the incredible place we’re living. More on this later. I’ll keep Wanted Wednesday’s around, because lets face it, a girl has got to dream.

But for today, please take a listen to the incredible Clare and the Reasons and say a special thanks for MySpace, one of the last true bastions of free music. xo



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3 responses to “Monday Monday…

  1. Carlynn

    haha I just spent the first minute and a half of the first song (“Everyone wants to rule the world”) trying to figure out where I had heard it (Tears for Fears). Duh. I know. I have an impossible love for crazy covers like that. Thanks for this, A. I will be adding Clare to my list.

  2. Have you heard of Pompaloose?

    pretty lovely 🙂

  3. Love it! Thanks for passing this along, lovely!

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