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Happiest Monday darlings. We’ve returned windblown and smelling like the ocean from beautiful Cape Breton, secure in the knowledge that there really is a reason they call this “God’s Country”. We drove out on Saturday with my mum and dad, all four of us completely shocked at how incredibly stunning it is. We stopped in Baddeck on the huge and beautiful Bras D’Or lakes for fish n’ chips and visited the Alexander Graham Bell Museum; and I have to say, the man is incredible. (We also visited the incredible “Baaaddeck Yarns” – c’mon.. how awesome is that?) We took a ferry to Ingonnish, stuck our hands in the Atlantic Ocean and ambled along the beach, snuggled in the chilly ocean wind and drove along switchbacks filled with woodsmoke and magic. It calmed my heart and made me smile with my soul.

ps – To completely ruin a heartfelt post, Alexander Graham Bell did extremely hilarious breeding with sheep. He had drawn some conclusion that there was a relationship between the number of nipples on a sheep and their propensity towards bearing twins. So he bred sheep ostensibly for twins, and ended up with a whole town of sheep full of abnormal amounts of nipples.



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19 responses to “a slice.

  1. Hahahaha….I was going to comment on the beauty within this post, now all I got is *snicker* “sheep nipples!”

  2. wn


    Found you through Ryan @Pacing the Panic Room. Cape Breton IS incredibly beautiful isn’t it?

    Lovely post, lovely pictures, lovely blog. Can’t wait to get to know you a bit more.

  3. Tim

    everything looks lovely….which is a problem…how am I going to talk you into coming out back here?!

  4. That looks like one of the most lovely vacations ever. You have such a wonderful smile (you and J both).

    And this post is made even better by the thought of nipply sheep.

    PS – if one day I can take pictures that are 1/6 as good as yours, I will consider myself lucky.

  5. If by ruin, you mean make me snort with laughter so hard I get the hiccups, then yes, consider this post effectively ruined.
    I’m glad you had such a beauty little vacation.

  6. Those photos are beautiful and the picture of the fish and chips is mouthwatering! Yum. I definitely want to visit Cape Breton one day!

  7. Such gorgeous photos! I love your stripes too – so appropriately nautical.

  8. Hurrah for finding the gorgeous and interesting on exploratory adventures. That’s so brilliant! 🙂

  9. Love, love, love the photos. Makes me want to be there. Though really, spending time in Victoria, I shouldn’t complain.

    There are peacocks! On campus! And a castle!

  10. p.

    You guys look like models.
    I’m not even kidding.
    Those smiles you both have… contagious!
    J’s new name is Mr. Dandy Pants

  11. beautiful, crisp photos- i can just feel the cold air!

  12. Carlynn

    A, that profile photo of you with the ‘falaise’ in the background (thank you, french immersion education for occasionally leaving me unilingually stranded…) reminds me of the Calanques in the South of France. Lovely. Yeah, Alexander Graham Bell is the shiznit for realsies. Don’t even taunt me with the fish n’ chips. If there’s one (non-veg) thing I crave more than post-bar donair, it’s fish n’ chips. *mouth waters*

  13. Carlynn

    no no no, mixed-up travel memories. Not the Calanques in Provence. The Dingle Peninsula in, yes, Ireland. *sigh* You win.

  14. Cheryl

    Your sheep nipples made me add you to my must read list.

  15. Hi hi. I found you through the Panic Room. I’m so happy to have discovered your blog and these photos are beautiful!

  16. Hi! I really love your photographs! 🙂
    Hope you have a super week!

  17. Oh my God! Those pictures are beautiful and I’m extremely jealous of you right now! EXTREMELY!!! I want to smell like the ocean…

  18. oooo! is that mint salt water taffy?

  19. lovely photos. i feel like i am there.
    i am still trying to figure the nipples out….i’d love a set of twins….

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