Just the Tip

Truth be told, I feel a little deceitful, like a girl walking around with tic- tacs in her Wonderbra and Bump Its in her ponytail. But mostly the tic tacs.

Ya’ll really liked the nipples hey?

I can’t lie, it was almost the best part of my trip. The other best part was coming home to tell you about it.

It’s a busy week here in this sleepy little town, I’m learning about electronic taps (pretty much the worst idea at a pub ever – the power goes out and so does the beer? That, my friend, is what causes riots, not a lack of clean drinking water) healthy hepatic functioning and a good dose of Arabic. No matter which way you look at it, the trifecta of blogicide.

I did want to stop in quickly and welcome new readers. I promise more nipples and bad metaphors a plenty. What more could you want?*


*more nipples.


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6 responses to “Just the Tip

  1. I went nipples? Where? Oh, sheep nipples, of course…

  2. wn

    ha! Is that really you? Because if it is…I love you so much more…if it isn’t….OMG who is this woman with such perfectly pointing breasts?

    PS – I really did love the nipple part of that post!

    PPS – Feel like a 12-year old boy when I say that, I assure you, I am not!

  3. Carlynn

    Does this mean you got the pub job?!?!

  4. im confused!
    what was the best part of your trip?!

  5. lol! There’s nothing like the old Sheep Nipple website traffic trick is there? 😉

  6. Oh gosh! Welcome nipples! Hi!

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