windmills? Really?


Plague and overemployment have hit our house with a fury heretofore unknown my darlings.

I’m working from 8am to 5pm at the dr’s office and slinging beers from 5 to 11pm  at the pub, (God bless the town I live in – they are next door to each other) which surprisingly leaves me very little time for sanity, proper nutrition, and Glee. I believe at one point last night I sat down at a table and may  or may not have let out the teeniest little sob. And I ate one of their chicken wings. And like all good windmill makers in that situation, those gentlemen tipped me well.

Unfortunately, around about the same time I commenced upon the task of running myself into the ground, Jared got sick.

Like, sick. Everywhere.

When I finally crawled into bed last night, and lay my weary head down upon a smear of still moist vomit, I got up, changed the pillowcase, wiped off my cheek, and went to sleep.

Which is why I will be MIA for a little bit longer my darlings, though I miss you and all your stories terribly. I will be MIA  because I am working long hours, eating badly, and sleeping in vomit. (Is a “I’m practicing to be a supermodel” joke here misplaced? I can’t tell anymore. So tired.) xo


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9 responses to “windmills? Really?

  1. Betty

    A life with no time for Glee, is no life at all.


  2. I love you. So much. You know that, right? It’s why I’m up at 4 a.m., commenting on your wall. Seriously.

  3. Oh no that doesn’t sound fun 😦

    I must find out what this Glee thing is all about…

  4. p.

    J and I both 😦

    Sorry your so bagged lady.
    (insert joke here. i’m too weak)


  5. Oh goodness! Happy thoughts, hey. You sound like you’re attempting to be super woman (and it also sounds like you got the super part right). Chin up, hey. You’re a trooper for making it through such a day!

  6. Sleep, my friend, is a valuable commodity. I too am working two jobs and I’d sell my soul for an extra hour or two for sleep. I think the best thing we both can remember is: this too, shall pass.

    lots of love and anti-bacterial wipes…

  7. oof. hope you get some sleep soon! good sleep. with dreams of delicious food and no vomit.

  8. Hope you get some sleep soon. I know how much of a luxury it can be. Lots of e-hugs also heading your way 🙂

  9. Aw sweetie, that sounds insane! I hope you push through and then can get some proper time off at Christmas.

    Miss you ❤

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