a slice.

Hello Lovelies! J and I dashed through this weekend at absolute breakneck speed, managing to have a truly incredible time. I have to clarify – though I’m working insane hours and generally feeling a teeny bit bonkers, I am ok. Jared and I have discovered that it’s pretty much feast or famine when it comes to work here, you’re either going at 100miles an hour, or not at all. We spent the weekend learning exactly how to accomadate eating/sleeping/seeing each other given that fact, and are quickly getting a routine down.

A routine that included a bowling date! The lanes here look like they have been time warped from the 70’s, everything is blue and orange plastic and the shoes are atrocious, but it was so much fun. We walked into the alley in the middle of a children’s birthday party, complete with black light bowling and screaming cake eating soulless hellions. They left barely five minutes later, we got the adult lighting back (a good thing since I hadn’t previously noticed the ranch sauce spilled across my crotch from work until we hit said light) grabbed a couple beers and I proceeded to school Jared in the way of the granny bowler.

Saturday night we danced our faces off at Moustache Pony, Sunday we attended the first of  the staff Christmas parties at the Pub. The amazing thing about having so many jobs is the fact that J and I will be able to attend not one, not two but four Christmas parties this season. However, not even dollar eggnog and rum could entice us to stay last night (well, entice us to stay after having four of them, just to show good cheer) when we crawled home through the beautiful 16 degree weather we’ve been having and crashed into bed.

It was a good weekend to remind J and I of the importance of little things – of sitting and eating with friends, watching ridiculous films early in the morning when we can’t sleep, being on time for something so little but so important to the other, of the glee inherent in watching David Bowie and Bing Crosby together… Small things that seem to fall by the wayside when you’re running out the door at 8am and returning past midnight. Chickens, it was good. xo



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8 responses to “a slice.

  1. wn

    sounds delicious….

  2. This really makes me miss you.

  3. Looks like an amazing time, I’m so glad you guys are squeezing in time for each other.

    And that you go somewhere that’s called “Moustache Pony”.

  4. oh those little things. they’re great.

  5. Four Christmas parties! Wow!!

    I love bowling. And I totally know what you mean about how it’s hard to go from 100 miles/hour to nothing. You pretty much crash. That happened to me this weekend, too! I spent four hours lying on the couch watching The Office yesterday afternoon, and that is so not like me!

  6. Gotta love it when the balls are kept safe 😉

    So, what I really wanna know is… (are you gonna go my way) no no no… do you miss school? or do you burn a book every day?

  7. Your slice is super cute! Yay for bowling shoes and Christmas parties 🙂 Glad you had a brilliant weekend.

  8. Ian C

    With the whole Big Lebowski theme going, I totally thought those were White Russians while bowling and not eggnogs.

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