A Month of Wednesdays

Hello lovelies! I realized due to some schedule conflicts (see: alarm going off vs. staying in bed) that I haven’t been keeping up on Wanted Wednesdays. I have a little bit of amazing time off today, and since we just finished the season finale of Glee (I cried like a baby. Jesus.) I thought I’d show you (coincidentally just in time for the holidays) all the things I’ve been lusting after of late. Have a beautiful weekend, and I’ll see you on Sunday for a Slice! xo

{the harbinger co.}

{a bedspread like this, from here}

{this amazing wallet}

{this fabulous skirt}

{a good graphic tee}

{a picture book}



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9 responses to “A Month of Wednesdays

  1. Allie

    Im glad i wasnt the only one who cried about Glee! and i love that wallet!

  2. Fab bedspread. Very Moroccan.

  3. Love the bedspread – I need good linen too to really make my room feel *finished*.

    And I MUST get in on this whole Glee thing sometime!

  4. Oh Glee. And we have to wait until April 13th for the next show!

    ..and between the pictorial Webster’s and the beautiful penguin classics, I am smitten by cloth-bound books lately. So lovely.

  5. You have such great taste.

    I must watch the finale of Glee at lunch today! So exciting.

  6. Carlynn

    You seem to be really into patterns lately, hun, predictable, geometric patterns…
    I’m sure this doesn’t mean anything relative to the slew of unpredictable life changes lately, hey? Nah, just exploring new aesthetics… ;o) I hear ya. I feel like I could use a few nice patterns in my life, too.

  7. Glee made me so emotional. I laughed so hard at Sue’s comment about Mr. Shue failing at finding a hairstyle that doesn’t make him look like a lesbian. And then I cried at the beautiful ending. It seems like a cruel joke that we have to wait months to watch the end of the season.

  8. WANT that book. WANT WANT WANT

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