Music Monday – So Cold!

Oh my goodness, this song is for all my frozen little friends back home, where it hit -59 degrees celsius this weekend. Would that I could wrap you all up and feed you mulled wine until you were warm again. I miss you all!

(ps – Micheal Cera will keep you warm with laughter yes? NSFW!)



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7 responses to “Music Monday – So Cold!

  1. I tried getting into holiday mode by prancing around the apartment singing this but Sparta can only tolerate seasonal duets that include singing insults at each other, so I was repeatedly drowned out by Fairytale of New York.

  2. I love Michael Cera so much. It almost warms my cold, cold heart.

  3. It’s not -59C here, but it’s still pretty chilly! Loved the trailer…I had only seen the clean version, this one is MUCH better!

  4. hehe. i haven’t heard this original before..i knew it from the fabulous ELF movie 😀

  5. p.

    It was -59 degrees here???
    No wonder my nipples are still sore.

  6. sabby

    This is my favorite Christmas remix!

  7. Loved Michael Cera so much in Arrested Development.
    Sucks that the series was cancelled. Can’t wait for the movie though!

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