the smallest slice

Hello dumplings. Photo opportunities were rare this weekend, what with a blizzard, a first aid course and two octogenarian Christmas parties to serve at the pub. But, I returned home on Sunday night to a beautiful living room filled with little twinkling lights – so voila. How was your fin de semaine puppets?


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2 responses to “the smallest slice

  1. There’s no better thing than coming home to twinkly lights!! My weekend was kinda lame – I got sick on Friday so I spent most of it bundled up hacking – but it could’ve been worse, I could’ve got it AT Christmas… 🙂 But every time I looked up at our little Christmas tree, I definitely felt better 🙂

  2. Love stars – real ones and Christmas ones 🙂

    Rainy weekend – good for cuddling with handsome hubby (yay me!)

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