all the way home – a slice

Dumplings. Despite a few tense moments yesterday, I’m home again. It was a truly wonderful holiday, filled with so much laughter and food that both my cheeks hurt from smiling and my stomach from eating. My brother made a surprise appearance a whole day early (a big difference when it’s the 24th of December vs. the 25th) sending my mom into veritable paroxysms of holiday cheer. My mother, wielding spoon and whisk alike delved into creating an incredible 5 course French meal, filled with beef bourguignon, salads, escargot… Insanity. My sister and I worked on the 604 clue Globe and Mail crossword over wine and homemade amaretto sours, laughing and enjoying what little time we do get together. We trudged through the ice storm to get beaver tails and Starbucks, and shopped shopped shopped. It was bliss, it was good, it was home. Cupcakes – tell me about your holidays!



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14 responses to “all the way home – a slice

  1. Awww! I’m really enjoying seeing photos from everyone’s Christmas celebrations. Yours looked particularly lovely!

  2. what a wonderful time!

  3. Sounds (and looks) lovely!

    Those champagne flutes are very elegant.

    We had an awesome 3-day Christmas, mostly outdoors under the trees with family sharing food/stories/laughter/carols. Good memories 🙂

  4. Omg your description and your photos sound absolutely, positively LOVELY!

  5. How lovely!!! I love the holidays! Mike (fiance) and I spend the holidays between my family and his. Filled with presents, food and laughter – it was much needed 🙂

  6. I had eye surgery. Partly to, you know, achieve 20/20 vision, but also to avoid all the family drama.

  7. apriljosephine

    My car broke down which meant I couldn’t go out to the country for dinner as planned. Instead, I ate all the junk food at the place I was housesitting. I choose not to travel across the country to visit my family at Christmas, it gets too stressful.

    Take some more pictures of the east coast! I haven’t been to the area that you are in, but I am going to put it on my list when I drive across the country to go to Sappyfest again.

  8. What a beautiful holiday! Merry Christmas!

  9. beavertails! i miss canada. your photos are fabulous, as always : )

  10. Oh those photos are just wonderful 🙂 Sounds like a lovely Christmas – and I’ve heard the term “beef bourguignon” more times in the last two months than I ever have in my life, so I think it’s a sign I need to make some sort of culinary effort 🙂

    My Christmas was eventful – full of tears and laughter, ups and downs, but mostly spent in good company playing games, singing carols, and watching movies. And injuring myself on the Wii we got 🙂

  11. wn

    Left in a snowstorm and wound up in a ditch.
    Spent two hours eating M&Ms, cursing and laughing.
    Flew with kid (to Northern Ontario) for first time.
    3 out of 4 flights were easy as pie.
    The 4th flight was a gong show (humblest apologies offered to the other passengers).
    Watched kid blissfully unwrap gift after gift (mostly trucks) and squeal with delight.
    Remembered why I love being the mother of a young boy.
    Gained 8lbs while eating my way across Ontario.
    Drank beer and/or wine EVERY day I was off work.
    Strangely I do not regret it.
    Back to work today, head not totally into, but heart is in the right place.

    Happy New Year!

  12. I have to say that these set of shots is the 2009 winner. Gorgeous, like you…in every photo.
    Need to catch up….so behind. Had my head in the sand…literally.
    Lots of love Andrea!

  13. It sounds like your holiday was absolutely amazing. I spent time with friends and family and my fiance’s family, too. A good way to end and begin another year.

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