bon weekend


Cupcakes, have a lovely weekend. I’m off to work, sleep and dance with my lady friends. Jared is away in Tatamagouche this weekend, so I’m left to wallow in plates of 1/2 eaten food and photography manuals. Bliss. xo



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9 responses to “bon weekend

  1. Bliss out, babycakes!

  2. Those eggs have exactly the right amount of pepper. Yum.

  3. Those eggs look positively perfect.

  4. awmb

    Photography manuals and food sound like and amazing start to the weekend. My plans include a lot of sewing, photo shoots (shot 2 rolls of film today!) and good company. Hope yours is lovely.

  5. p.

    It’s morning.
    I’m hungry.
    Because I’m in ‘rehab’, my ‘cravings’ will not be satiated…
    And you have fried eggs and toast for me to stare at.
    You are not nice.

    On another note, I have my first piece of designer clothing. Joseph Ribkoff. I’m in love.

  6. Yay for happy weekends! 🙂

  7. I hope you’re enjoying your semi-lazy weekend!

  8. Om nom nom those eggs look good! Happy weekend to you too my dear 🙂

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