Music Monday

Well, at the very least I now have my dance moves for the next month of Saturdays. Sorry things have been quiet around these pages darlings… things in the works.. things in the works… xo



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4 responses to “Music Monday

  1. OH my gosh I heard this song for the first time last summer and actually bought an mp3 download because I couldn’t find it anywhere! There’s a couple of really good remixes of it floating around, too – LOVE this song. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Those moves both attract and repel me. I like it! Let’s go dancing.

  3. wow, i never heard this band, but i like it a lot.
    those dance moves are interesting!

  4. wow, that moves are so original how can i learn them 😉

    but where did you find this music? this is kind of music i listen to and i love it… of to get some tunes…


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