It was a bit of a week last week, filled with a lot of slamming doors, long silences, 63 hours of work topped off sore feet, bruised feelings and teary faces. For a while we forgot that we were both running towards the same thing, and instead focused on the fact we kept knocking each other in the ribs with our mad flailing elbows. So today we played hooky – we turned off the phones, we didn’t answer the door, we just… hid. We churned out 3 lasagnas, 2 dozen momos, and a really good talk that felt like a finish line and a starter pistol at the same time. So we’re tying up our laces today for another sprint, and this week we’re holding hands.



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10 responses to “Sprint

  1. I love your writing style and I know those feelings all too well. I’ve had a few weeks like that myself 🙂

  2. This stuff can be so tough, but in the immortal words of Grey Gardens, I bet they didn’t know that they were dealing with a staunch character.

    I think your remedy of hiding out together is the best thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  3. Playing hooky sounds fabulous right now!

  4. ruffly momos oh my! (and I love the steamer! aren’t they fun?)

  5. Aw, love. I’m glad you guys played hooky and reconnected — it’s hard to keep focused on the same thing when life gets chaotic.

  6. ive had a similar week. oof, they’re draining. getting back on track is always such a good feeling.

  7. Carlynn

    Beautiful analogy, A. xo

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