little boxes


Everything in it’s place. The boxes in my day planner, the months that hang on the wall. The blocked off sections for to-do lists and appointments, reminders and resolutions. When it all goes tickety-boo, I am a happy girl. Barring being happy, I at least know where all the time went wherein I wasn’t happy, or planning to make myself happy, or putting “happiness and sunshine” on my short term goals list next to “hem pants”.

There is something about the best laid plans here. There is a quote that infers my boxes are shoddy, the plans tentative at best and the rest…”flexible”. There is advice here about learning to go with the flow, about knowing your limits and other sensistive mumbo jumbo that I prefer to steamroll with a few good hours of self flagellation and hard work.

But this week, the universe gave me no choice. The boxes caved, the plans were erased, the limit was reached and frankly, my legs gave out from underneath me in abject protest. I started the year with making a resolution a month, and each of them came with a caveat – that if I didn’t succeed, then I’d at least fail. Watching my little plans melt into oblivion this week one after another, January sucker punched me in the gut with a fist full of hot fail.

When I sat down this evening and peered into the boxes I had left, I expected to be disappointed. Instead, each one was filled with a little surprise – brunch with friends, an afternoon cooking with J, unexpected windfalls and gratitude nestled between laughter, heart to hearts and chats at the touch of a button. Somewhere along the way I booked a vacation, saw a movie and mailed a stack of letters.

As a result, January’s resolution is still on the way. It’s in a box, waiting, right next to the box o’ fail. And as of January, I’m ok with that.



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12 responses to “little boxes

  1. Way to salvage the spirit of January there, hon πŸ™‚

  2. Booked a vacation? A break sounds like exactly what you need- I’m glad that this weekend was full of beautiful moments, and that February is starting up on the right foot for you.

  3. I did! I’m going to Toronto for almost 6 days!

  4. cooking, brunch, friends, laughter, vacations…that’s the way to live.

  5. Wonderful! When are you going? I’ll be there for ONE day in the near future!

  6. I’ve been craving a cupcake ever since I saw you enjoying yours yesterday. xo

  7. If I didn’t succeed, then at least I’d fail -I LOVE this. Also I get all squeally every time I remember you’re headed this way!

  8. bummer that your vacation plans don’t include a trip to samba-ville! we could bake cupcakes, eat them, and let our bellies hang over our ‘kinis (georgia’s language). nice cupcake and congrats on resolutions accomplished. beijo

  9. Am so glad to hear that February is looking up – sounds like you did alot of cute happy things! πŸ™‚

  10. It’s a hard lesson to learn though, right? I only know how to flagellate myself. I’ll take notes though…and squeeze them in…right there. There, that fit!

  11. p.

    we only do that in public right?

    this telephone thing that we did a few days back?
    i liked it.
    although it was never in a box, it should happen again.

    xoxox, p.

  12. one day i want a coffee table book of your photographs on my coffee table.

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