{Ramona West}

{J. Crew}

{Yves St. Laurent}

I have been thinking of spring, and elastic waisted dressed that are forgiving, high heels that elongate my bratwurst style middle and a purse that could theoretically be filled with sunshine and/or life’s natural antidepressant – Skittles.

Are you dreaming of spring yet?



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  1. The days are getting longer here, and temps during the day tease zero. My steps are lighter, and I’m always on the ready to pull my sunglasses out of my bag — c’mon spring!

  2. YES. i love these. i need to show a little collarbone. but its so damn cold in seattle i am always wrapped up in bundles. spring, hurry up!

  3. Ah yes…I am familiar with the extra winter pudding…willpower is not my strong suit in the food arena. (and I love the colors in that dress. =fab)

  4. Anonymous

    Maybe one of those little slim jims, but definitely not a bratwurst, my dear, definitely not.

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