hello everybody and welcome ! I am  a recent East Coast transplant and Philosophy Grad,  I live in a sunny little appartment with a boy named J and a lot of airplants. I currently work at a Naturopath’s office during the day and sling beers at a pub at night (essentially reducing my health karma to zero), write part time for a newspaper, and spend way too much time in shitty dive bars. I am recently deeply interested in linocuts and yurts.  I have no tattoos, a love of red wine, fashion, design, early Danish modern anything and books. I wish I could make pad thai and had the dedication to wear lipstick everyday, but I will settle for being a fairly good cook and having decent ankles. Welcome to Miel et Cannelle, a small little corner dedicated to the exhortation of all things I love and my pursuit of them, including sanity and love.


11 responses to “moi.

  1. Aunt Raeann

    Heard J. is a jazz drummer! And a fabulous one at that… Have any suggestions for me to purchase? I am tiring of my jazz tracks.

  2. Kickball…think baseball without bats 😉 There’s a ball, someone in the middle of the field rolls it to you & you KICK! And, try to make it to 1st base and so on.

    Hey, thanks for reading my blog.

  3. Excellent. It pays to be in the blogosphere. You only have to display your ignorance.. once. ish. 😉

  4. robomiso

    i thought i should let you know that your blog is lovely… but i’m sure you already know that.

  5. Hiya! Those shoes are size 6.5, and they are super sweet non?
    I might keep them…but only wear them once or twice, we’ll see, you wear a 6.5 too?

  6. i dont have any tattoos either, cool blog 🙂

  7. hey! i tagged you, an easy and fun tag. just post some
    etsy favorites….


  8. Ohhhhhh I grew up in the Great White North in Ontario… so I can attest to the chilly bit… haha

  9. Hey dear, you won the Ampershirt giveaway! Send me your info and I’ll get it in the mail!


  10. This may be because I don’t have my glasses on, but could I ask for your email address? I’d really love to get to know more about you, your life, and everything – since we’re going be blog friends 🙂

    I’m emilyjane [at] live [dot] ca

  11. What camera do you use? Love the way your photos look.

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