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{Ramona West}

{J. Crew}

{Yves St. Laurent}

I have been thinking of spring, and elastic waisted dressed that are forgiving, high heels that elongate my bratwurst style middle and a purse that could theoretically be filled with sunshine and/or life’s natural antidepressant – Skittles.

Are you dreaming of spring yet?



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Sneaking In – Yarn Over Movement

Hello bloggies.. I miss you so! I’m sneaking in for a quick second today, I just had to share this lovely gal with you – I’m so head over heels for her and her adorable product shots, wallpaper and simply autumnally awesome knit wear.




Find her shop here, and her lovely blog here.


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Band of Outsiders – Count Me In






{via Fashionologie}

I’m loving these shots from the Band of Outsiders fall lookbook, shot by Scott Sternberg himself. Marisa Tomei gets me everytime, if only because I feel very Brooklyn saying her last name.


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Wanted Wednesday – JanSport Heritage Collection


{JanSport Heritage Editions via The Moment}

When Jared was little he had a much coveted plastic Batman backpack, coveted to the point that he STILL tells this story as one of the most embarrassing / awful moments of his young life.

Jared’s kindergarten was sectioned off so that the backpacks and shoes were in a different area than everything else. One day his really good  friend had to use the washroom, but kept getting passed over by the teacher. Finally the poor kid went around the corner and peed into poor Jared’s backpack, which naturally caused a small childlike riot of taunting.

Jared begged his mom to just wash it out, but alas, the backpack could not be saved. I like to think that JanSport’s Heritage Collection is a killer throwback to those younger days, the styling and vintage labels are just right. The site has some pretty neat (one might even say “gnarly”) 60’s and 70’s photos of the founders. I tip my hat to you JanSport, though there may be no Batman logos, there is also no urine. Yet.


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Wanted Wednesday- Shabd Simon-Alexander

tights{Shabd Simon-Alexander via Urban Outfitters}

Simon-Alexander models his art and textiles after galaxies and dying stars.. Exactly what I need to distract people from the beer belly I appear to be developing after realizing that working my way (country by country) through Sherbrooke liquor’s beer cooler may NOT have been the best idea.

Who knew?


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Wanted Wednesday – Spats. Ok. Courage and Spats.

spats{via Allen Company Inc}

First offs sweet tarts – I am fine. Mayhap I am still stuck under the bell jar, floundering a little in the thick air, but as they say – this too shall pass. Time, whether I like it awfully or not, appears to sweep me along with it’s indifference hands regardless of my protestations.  I am caught somewhere between those niggling dots on the clock, where I am not one minute nor the next, but hung by my neck from the second hand in the ether. I am, and continue to be – stuck.

However, this does not stop me from wanting deliciousy ridiculous items such as spats. Can you imagine those grey ones with black thick heeled shoes and  tightly pegged skinny jeans? Why, if I wore those I’m sure I’d be happy spending my whole life languishing in the milliseconds that I’m mired in.

I joke. xo lovelies, xo.


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Frock of Love


DSC_0027Darlings, really. I bought this from the incredible Lauren over at Dear Golden and I am so in love with it. So in love that after ripping open the package on Friday, I’ve worn it three times. And it is only Tuesday. It smells a little bit like Pilsner due to an unfortunate card playing/dancing/drinking combo, but I really can’t bear to part with it, even into the wash. Thank you so very much Lauren! xo


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