She’s Here…


*yawn* Morning my lovelies! I’ve slept in a little this morning, we’ve got the next three days out of school, and today I work the afternoon.. so we’ve spent a beautiful morning laying in bed chatting and listening to CBC. Then, just as we were drifting into sleep again, what should come roaring through our window? A scream of epic and thrilling proportions. It seems that simultaneously, all 8 children across the street had discovered what I was soon to, upon leaping from our bed looking for weapons.. It had snowed. About two inches of beautiful, wet, snowball snowman snow. I somehow can’t help but feel like a kid the first snow, so I dashed out into the front yard with my parka on and took some photos. J made me coffee as I was snapping away, and even put the Muppet Christmas Carol on for me. What a lovely day already. Here, for you, are the pictures of the snow. I like how the branches ended up looking like hoar frost on window panes.. beautiful. Winter is here my friends, and this morning, she’s beautiful.

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